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Radio Press Release
October 2008
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Are Parents To Blame For Children’s Lack of Creativity?

Child Reading Advocate Reveals Why Parents Need to Foster Reading, Writing and Drawing


Discussion Topic

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the positive effects of parents reading to their children are substantial.  As a result of this action, not only are a child's skills in reading, writing and math highly improved, but also their developing minds are opened to creative activities such as drawing.  Sounds great, right?  Then why don’t 50% of parents read to their children and reap these benefits? Child Reading Advocate Val Simone, author of the "Ekidsland Series" (Ekidsland Publishing) www.ekidslandpublishing.com explains why parents need to step up their game to not only help their children build their minds, but also foster their creativity and self-expression.


Talking Points


  • What mistakes do parents make that stifles their children’s fantasies and dreams?

  • What tips do you have to help parents feed their child’s imagination?

  • Do the pressures of today's world make the traditional role of parenting impossible?

  • In our current economy are parents too wrapped up in their 9-5 jobs to be generators of imagination?

  • Does technology give parents more tools or less in forming a child’s thoughts and goals?

  • Does the entertainment business today stifle or promote imagination?

  • What is the one thing you want parents and kids to take away after reading your books?


Topic Overview

According to NCES, only 53% of children aged three to five were read to daily by a family member.  Those who are read to at a young age experience higher reading, comprehension and mathematical skills in addition to increased creative expression.  Children don’t dream of dead end jobs, they dream of becoming an astronaut landing on a new and strange world or a ballerina dancing on stage in front of an adoring audience.  How can we help our children achieve their dreams?  Are the parents solely responsible for their child's future?


“For a child all things are possible.  But these days it is so easy for them to escape into a world of video games or mindless television,” says Val Simone author of the "Ekidsland Series" (Ekidsland Publishing) www.ekidslandpublishing.com/radiointerviews.html. “They are not pushed to express their passions and family time has taken a severe backseat.”


Rather than spending time and reading to their children, parents are finding the easy way out of dealing with their child’s development. Put them in front of a high definition television with surround sound and blu-ray DVD, or let them play their video games without supervision for endless hours. But is this really the only answer?


“Reading, writing and drawing are wonderful ways for parents and children to build strong bonds,” says Simone.  “But also, these brain building activities allow parents to teach their children about all of the possibilities that their lives can have."


“It is a parent’s responsibility to foster their child’s imagination through reading so that their children will grow up to become adults who don’t forget how to imagine, fantasize and dream,” says Simone.  Reading to your child opens this door and helps them prepare for a dynamic and hopeful future.


About Ekidsland Publishing

We are all about working with children to encourage them to express their own creativity. Through our website we hope to stimulate and develop that creativity.


Ekidsland Publishing does its part by publishing stories and illustrations created by children directly on our site. We believe that recognition and reward will help children gain confidence in themselves and will encourage them to continue to read, write and draw.


We also believe that parents need to take the lead in creating the desire in their children to express that creativity.



About Val Edward Simone

Val Edward Simone is a publisher and author of the “Ekidsland Series” of 7 books and is currently at work on several novels for young adults. His books are intended to impart certain behavioural characteristics in everyday life situations to young children. Simone has been writing since 1980 including screenplays, novels, picture books, short stories, and poetry. Currently he is the owner of Ekidsland Publishing, LLC of Lakewood, Colorado, specializing in publishing children’s and young adult books. He has most recently authored “The Gingerbread Pony”, “Sammy Sparrow Spy”, “Mean Muley McGrudge”,  “Otto and Kevin”, “The Littlest Bell”, "Proton Gator", "The Fairy Collection", and ”Felix.”








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